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  • “A” Type


    This product is made of 100% polyester lightweight and breathable fluorescent polyester fabric. Suitable for road construction, night operation, guiding work, environmental cleaning work and in any other field work. Bright color increases your visibility in the daytime and the reflective strips enhance your visibility at night. Color available: Neon green.

  • 7 Strap


    This product is durable and breathable while walking, biking jogging and in any outdoor activities. Highly visible to the eyes in which it wil be observed easily of the eyes. Nylon made product Easy on and off buckle.

  • Absorbing Full Body Belt (per set)


    Type: Big Hook HD Strap at comfortable sitting position. Adjustable straps in the thigh, chest and abdomen to feel comfortable & comfortable for the user. Double safety belt with shock absorber. The structure consists of a fixed wire to the shock

  • Auger Bit


    Auger, tool (or bit) used with a carpenter’s brace for drilling holes in wood.
    It looks like a corkscrew and has six parts: screw, spurs, cutting edges, twist, shank, and tang.
    Brand: Benz Werks

  • BI Hexagonal Nut


    Type of fastener with a threaded hole

  • Cap Nut Ordinary


    A nut that has a domed end on one side encloses the external thread.
    Chrome plated material

  • Cap Nut Stainless


    Stainless steel grade 304

  • Caution Tape


    This caution tape provides the durability and premium thickness you need to be visible. Made of high strength 2 mil polyethylene. It is strong and bright yellow for high visibility at your home project or construction site. This product also is weather resistant design protects from UV rays and moisture.

  • Compliant


    100% ployester knitted fabric. Highly visible and highly reflective. Convenience to bring and to wear with easy closure in front. Available color: Neon green and Orange Lightweight and breathable which makes you comfortable when you wear it.

  • COT Industrial Rubber Caster (Fix Flat)


    360 degree industrial rotating Wheels Strong Easy to attach Long lasting They are generally mounted in combination with swivel castors to provide directional stability to machines and equipment Capacity For 100kg For 130kg For 150kg

  • COT Industrial Rubber Caster (Swivel Flat)


    Swivel casters can rotate 360° to allow equipment to change directions while moving. Stall onto furniture, machinery, carts, or other equipment to allow them to roll, which reduces effort when moving the equipment. Swivel casters have hardened double ball races and heat treated king bolt for long life.” Capacity: For 100kg For 130kg For 150kg

  • COT Industrial Rubber Caster (Swivel with Lock)


    Caster wheel swivel w/ lock, black rubber wheel. Use for industrial automotive medical equipment. Rotate 360 degrees. Smooth & Silent & Sturdy. HEAVY DUTY The total locking brake locks both the wheel and the swivel Wheel Material: Rubber Color: Black Ball bearings: Double ball bearing Capacity: For 100kg For 130kg For 150kg

  • COT PU Iron Caster (Fix Flat)


    Wear resistance and durable quality. Polished galvanized surface treatment Lasting light more antirust Riveting technology high loading capacity Wide useful environment COT brand Capacity: For 250kg. For 320kg. For 380 kg. For 430kg. For 480kg.

  • COT PU Iron Caster (Swivel Flat)


    COT brand Polyurethane Wheels: Non Marking and Easy Rolling Use smooth rolling Polyurethane wheels featuring lightweight tread mechanically bonded to polyolefin core construction for high capacity applications. High resistance to oil grease water and most solvents polyurethane wheels are ideal for most environments. Capacity: For 250kg. For 320kg. For 380kg. For 430kg. For 480kg.

  • COT PU Iron Caster (Swivel with Break)


    High quality polyurethane. Ball double bearings. Thick screws Having powerful brake pads COT brand Capacity: For 250kg For 320kg For 380kg For 430kg For 480kg

  • End Mill

    • Used for high speed applications on cast iron, nonferrous materials, plastics and other tough-to-machine materials.
    • Carbide end mills provide better rigidity and can be run 2-3X faster than HSS
      However, heavy feed rates are more suitable for HSS and cobalt tools.

    Brand: YFT

  • Face Shield

  • Fire Blanket


    This is made from an incombustible glass fibre fabric of twill construction which is fire-retardant. This product is a sheet of flame retardant material that is used to smother the fire. It also includes clear instructions. Commonly used in factories, schools & commercial for smothering small flammable liquid fire. Works very effectively by cutting off…

  • Full Body Safety Belt (per set)


    Type: Small Hook Made with a heavy duty polyester reinforced webbing and high strength aluminium alloy to reduce impact forces, anti-wear and pulling resistance. More safe and durable. Suitable for climbing, rock climbing, aloft work such as repairing, moving, decorating, cleaning and welding work above the ground.

  • GI Hexagonal Nuts

    • Type of fastener with a threaded hole
    • Used in conjunction with a mating bolt to fasten multiple parts together
    • Galvanized material
  • Gray Rubber Caster (Bolt Hole Swivel)


    Strong steel plate Smooth, quiet rolling, while protecting your floors 360 degrees ball bearing swivel head 100% brand new Material: Metal & Rubber Finish: Zinc plated  

  • Gray Rubber Caster (Bolt Hole with Lock)


    The zinc plated finish provides durability under any condition, and the soft, quiet and non-marking Rubber wheels perform especially well on hard surfaces such as concrete, tile, and wood. They are resistant to water, oil, and grease and will keep you safely moving forward. Mounting options include top plate, bolt hole and standard and metric…

  • Gray Rubber Caster (Fixed Flat)


    ART #007 Fixed castors consist of a fixed, non-swivelling housing to which one or more wheels are mounted They are generally mounted in combination with swivel castors to provide directional stability to machines and equipment. Suitable for all floor types

  • Gray Rubber Caster (Swivel Flat with Plastic Lock)


    ART #005 Caster Wheel – Screw w/ Plastic Lock Material : Rubber, Plastic, Metal Brand: COT

  • Gray Rubber Caster (Swivel Flat)


    ART #004 These caster wheels have gray non-marking injection molded thermoplastic rubber tires mechanically bonded to a polyolefin Swivel casters maneuver tight spaces and respond immediately to sudden direction changes. Roll easily, absorb shock and protect floors; chemical, oil and water resistant Non-marking thermoplastic rubber wheel safe for carpet, concrete, tile and wood